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We are Samuelovers arent we ?

I have this crazy wish to call Xavier fandom/fans Xabies/Xaby byeeeee

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Hell hath no fury … like a prom queen scorned.

The Loved Ones (2009)

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have you got girlfriend ?

I’m not Xavier! But yes, he has a girlfriend, Emily Browning. His co-star in Plush :) 

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Hayley x Enzo

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The Loved Ones(2009)

Don’t break her heart

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As it seems we won’t get the site back, we’re thinking about start a new one (although it depends on many variables -like if we’ll find someone to help with it) but if yes, would you guys prefer / / or

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Anonymous asked:
omg omg your site is back!!! is save and sound!!

Yes but they’ve changed passwords AND blocked my ip so I can’t even see the site. Also, they’re not answering my emails. 

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Anonymous asked:
Oh no! So sorry. Will this tumblr remain active even if the site isn't?

I really don’t know, the reason why this tumblr exists (besides our love to Xavier of course) it’s the site. I’m not sure I can keep it without my baby site. 

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What happened to

What I feared most just happened: fanfusion stole my site.

Let me clarify for you: when Jessica and I first started the site, two years ago, we didn’t know shit about it. Nothing about domains, host… So, I’ve asked some friends who had a fansite and they said “send a message to fanfusion, they provide host and domain”. 

And I did. So we started our site. In the past two years, I’ve seen lot of sites being stolen by fanfusion. But why stolen? Simple: they change passwords or just delete your site. But you can do nothing about it? Unfortunately, no. Since we didn’t buy the domain (the domain is the url: we can’t move the site to other host or anything. I’ve always lived in fear, if they would stole my site one day. And they did. Today. A few minutes ago to be more precise.

In the last few days, almost all sites I’ve know hosted by fanfusion got stolen and deleted. A couple hours ago, they’ve stolen the site of my friend, and then I talked to Jessica. What should we do? Start a new site? We couldn’t get a conclusion. 

We’ve decided we would made a backup of the site, who knew what could happen? So I started, I was saving all files from the gallery, and she would save the database about the albuns: dates, places, etc. But suddenly she texts me: “Delanda, are you working in the site? I can’t acess”. So we’ve realize: they stolen our site while we’re doing the backup. I only could save 300 pictures, or 10% of our gallery. 

I’m not sure if we’ll continue Xavier Samuel News. Mostly it’s because time. I would happily pay for a domain and host but have to upload all 3k pictures again and it’s really tiring. We don’t have the time we used to have to do this. We’re both in college now. Jessica is a medical student, she studies morning and afternoon, that’s why she don’t post anymore, she helps with gallery updates (when we used to replace pictures to HQ versions) and pay for images accounts. I’m the one who had more “free time” but it’s no enough. I’ve made several posts looking for co-webs but none replied. I love that site with all my heart, but I can’t do all on my own. I’ve send an email to fanfusion, asking my site back. Let’s hope they reply. 

I’ve already cried, I’ve lost two years of hard work. 

If they don’t get our site back, we don’t know what we’ll do. In a few days I’ll post if we’ll close the doors or move to a new url. But I find the last opinion unlikely, If we had other people helping us, we would. But since we don’t have… Well. 

Ps: I’m sorry for the many grammar mistakes you’ll find, I’m not in a good mental condition to translate everything proper.

-Delanda, and Jessica who didn’t write but it’s having the same feeling right now.

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Anonymous asked:
Let's start a religion called Samuelism.

Yes please. 

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